Robert Ivy Highlights The Top 5 Reasons Why Professional Organizations Are Important

Robert Ivy, a treasured architect in the United States’ construction industry, states that professional organizations play a huge role in one’s career. They protect their members’ best interests, and they nurture their member’s career.

How do professional organizations nurture your career?
1. They improve your credibility and professionalism
Joining a professional society is a sure way to enhance your credibility. Robert Ivy recommends this career growth strategy to junior employees or fresh graduates who lack the professional umbrella of a reputable employer.

CEO of AIA, Robert argues that a job seeker who belongs to a professional society has improved chances of getting a job than their counterparts who don’t belong to a professional organization.

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2. Joining a professional organization increases its lobbying power
Many professional organizations collaborate with their members to coalesce policymakers into making decisions that favor the interests of the professional network. On that account, joining the harmonious society would increase its lobbying power and influence.

3. Networking
Sometimes, professional associations organize conferences, luncheons, and other functions that unite executives, job seekers, and other people with a shared career interest.

Such functions present junior employees and fresh graduates with a rare opportunity to develop strong relationships with peers who share common interests. Peer relationships could lead to work engagements.

How do you find the right professional association?
Finding the right professional association can be an uphill task since the career market hosts several societies. For instance, Robert Ivy says that the accounting sector has over nine associations.

So, how would you choose the right professional organization from the numerous options offer? Ivy proposes that you ask for recommendations from your trusted colleagues. Besides friends’ suggestions, you should shop around for a professional group that guarantees to expand your network, expose you to more employment opportunities, as well as boosts your professional skills.

About Robert Ivy
Ivy is an award-winning architect and architectural editor. In 2018, the Mississippi Institute of Arts honored him with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement award which is given to exceptional patrons of art. Moreover, Robert is the award winner of Alpha Rho Chi’s ‘Master Architect’ title.


Matthew Badiali the Natural Resources Expert

Matt Badiali the Natural Resources Expert

No one has studied geology with a lot of passion and enthusiasm like Matt Badiali. His knowledge in the mining, energy and agricultural sector is indisputable. With his passion for new ideas and new products, Matt has made a lot of contributions to the mining sector. He has carried out numerous researches in the sector around the world that have assisted investors in the energy and agricultural sector made a lot of money. He has a vast experience in the mining sector since he has invested in drill rigs, owned oil wells and also explored mines that had been abandoned all these with the aim of making returns by investing in natural resources.

Contributions of Matthew Badiali to the Mining Industry

Matt Badiali has traveled to many parts of the world while conducting researches and looking for new ideas in the mining sector. Some of the places that Matt have traveled include Hong Kong, Papua, New Guinea, Iraq and the Mexican desert among other countries that are rich in minerals. While Matt was asked whether it was necessary to travel all around the world while conducting his studies, he pointed out that with natural resources you have to be present in order to make any discoveries and conclusion. He also added that the best way of knowing whether your investment is running well is to see it for yourself.

Apart from his numerous studies and discoveries, Matt Badiali keeps meeting with various company CEOs, natural resources investors and different experts of precious metals so that he is always aware of new technologies and trends that have been introduced to the market. Badiali is also an experienced analyst who has worked for Stansberry & Associates Company and Banyan Hill Publishing. He is currently the senior analyst of Banyan Hill Publishing Company where he assisted the company publishes several financial reports. He has also worked for Lemenze Environmental Drilling Co. as a geologist where he was able to create a new division within the company, contacts of the client, preparation of proposals, site visits and also environmental sampling. He is also a good public speaker who has delivered speeches to various investors.

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Equities First Holdings – News

Equities First Holdings is pleased with the progress that they have made over the years. News reports are issued and people want to follow along with these services. Equities First Holdings is waiting to learn more about the details that are explained. Trust that the services that they offer will be extended to people interested. Equities First Holdings is on the rise and there are news reports that signal that people are interested in that option.

The French Tribune is a news outlet that wants to continue that kind of work in real time. Their publication has printed some details that readers find interesting. For instance, people want to see the news follow that firm in good time. Equities First Holdings is poised to lead the way in a lot of categories. Find out what plans they are ready to enact in the future. The French Tribune is reputable too.

The Steps For Getting Your Facelift Done By Dr. Rod J. Rohrich

There are always procedures to follow for just about everything. That includes facelifts. You would have to get an appointment and then a consultation before the doctor can perform any type of surgery. It is always best to get an expert that knows how to handle such things with care. If you are in the Dallas area and a facelift is what you are looking for, consider having Dr. Rod J. Rohrich perform them. He will take through everything one step at a time.

Looking at the consultation. There are several things Dr. Rohrich is looking for. You have to be in good health and have no emotional issues. This is critical because in some cases once the surgery is performed it can’t be reversed. You must be ready and confident in yourself that this surgery is only for improvements and nothing more. Also, you must take pictures of your face. Dr. Rohrich will do this in his office so that he can look at exactly where these improvements are going to be. He will talk things over with you to make sure you understand what you are doing. He also wants to make sure you a ready to have this done.

Other steps include a comprehensive physical look of your face. Your medical history will also be looked at to determine if the facelift could be performed. For example, smoking can cause dryness in your skin and it ages faster. Why would you have this procedure done if you can’t kick the habit? Before you get the surgery, make sure you will no longer be smoking so you can have that youthful appearance you have been dying for. Also, you need to understand realistically how your results are going to come out.

Taking the time to go through each step of the consultation is important to have the job done right. If you have any questions about anything, just know that Dr. Rohrich will answer them. You will not have any work done until you are sure this right for you. Get your free consultation done today.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Place in Orthopedic History

Orthopaedics is the branch of medicine concerned with correcting bone and muscle deformities. Man has always had a problem with broken bones. Ancient bones and fossils have been found showing fractures and the like in primitive man. Long prior to the medical art of orthopedics, ancient civilizations used hide and clay splints. During these agent time the famous architect, astrologer, politician, and physician Imhotep wrote a document about orthopedics that remains revered. Known as the Edwin Smith Papyrus, it describes such things as mandibular dislocations, spinal injuries, and fracture treatments.


Later on, in history, the Greek and Roman civilizations also contributed to knowledge in this area. The most important medical personality to appear in this time was Hippocrates who is still known as the father of medicine. It first starting taking wake as a medical movement after Nicolas Andry wrote about it in 1741. It has grown much in the many decades since with the most common orthopedic surgeries today concerning the knee and hips. Things really started to develop in the area during the 20th Century. The 1940s saw the first metal hip arthroplasty.


Today, one of the biggest movers in the Orthopedic arena is Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum. Kirschenbaum entered the field by first obtaining an undergraduate degree from Brown University, then he studied medicine at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, followed by a fellowship with Rothman Institute. He afterward attended Harvard Business School, gaining certificates in healthcare delivery management. A few years later Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum co-founded Medscape. He has since also co-founded several other medical organizations.

Randal Nardone: An Accomplished and Captivating Business Leader

Fortress Investment Group has been among the leading investment companies for about two decades. This would not have been possible without proper leadership. Whenever a company is established, its growth depends on its leaders. If the leaders have professional leadership skills, the growth period becomes shorter than expected. Anyone who knew Fortress Group in 1998 may affirm its leaders have brought incomparable transformation. Randal Nardone is one of the celebrated leaders this great investment company ever had. He has held various positions in this company, and he has made an immeasurable impact in each leadership position. He became one of the members of the Board of Directors in 2006 November.


Randal worked hard to keep the management team of the company motivated and invigorated in their work. He became the CEO of Fortress Investment Group in 2013, and a lot has been achieved through his leadership skills. He is a man who has acquired a lot of skills from his different endeavors. He was an interim CEO in 2011, and this became a great opportunity for him to develop some outstanding leadership qualities. As the director at Eurocastle Investment, Randal Nardone discovered how one could instill growth in a company. He previously worked at Bermuda Ltd currently known as Alea Group Holdings where he sat in the Board of Directors.


Every great leadership trait you admire in a leader took some time to be developed. The great leadership qualities Randal Nardone has portrayed at Fortress Investment Group were developed when he worked at some other investment companies. Randal worked at USB, Brookdale Senior Living, and GAGFAH among other companies where his leadership skills got honed. He served as the managing director in some of these companies. At BlackRock Financial Management, Randal proved to be an exceptional leader from 2006 to 2014. Though a leader may have the right leadership qualities, it takes an occasion or event to prove that.


Randal has also worked in a law firm called Thatcher Proffitt & Woods after his university studies. He attended Boston University for his law doctorate studies. He has extensive knowledge when it comes to private equity management and funding. He has worked in some public firms as a credit officer and director. When it comes to entrepreneurship affairs, Randal Nardone is a dreamer who achieves them. His big dreams have made him a captivating business leader. The co-founder of Fortress Investment Group is among the first 600 billionaires Forbes has listed.

OSI Industries acquires former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

In the past few years, OSI Group has been focusing on international and even local growth so much. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin who joined the company in the 1970s, the company has been trying to win as many customers as possible, and one of the channels that they have been utilizing is acquisition as well as the construction of other production plants. Sheldon Lavin has contributed to the growth of this company so much that everything that has happened to the company can be directly linked to him. He has strived to make the company a global leading company, and it is true to say that he has succeeded.

In the local market, OSI Industries started with the acquisition of Tysons Food plant. The plant is located in Chicago and was formerly owned by Tyson Foods before it closed down, the plant occupies over 200,000 square feet. OSI bought this plant so that they can increase their production in North America, this is a critical market for the company, and they are trying as much as possible to help the people of this region with more products. OSI Industries is a company that has increased its productivity in various parts of the globe. It has a mission of taking its products to all corners of the, and that is why there is no reluctance in growing its business. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

The purchase of this facility will increase total production of and hence take the company’s products to different locations around the world. The acquisition of this food plant will increase production activities as well as concentrate the production activities of the company into one plant. The plat was initially designed for the production of chicken products, but this is not going to stop OSI Industries from using the plant for other purposes. The plant will be in a position to produce all manner of food products to their customers.

OSI Industries enjoys a long history that very few companies even in other industries enjoy. It was created in 1909 as a butcher shop, and since it was created, it has persistently been seeking ways of expanding business operations. Its growth has been forthcoming for many years, and that is how this company has managed to move into a leading company in the world. The leadership of the company has ever relented in doing what is right to take the company to prosper. They have served the company selflessly and have made sure the company is achieving the results that it deserves.

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Vanilla Orchid Crystal EOS Lip Balm

PurpleStars02 reviews the new Vanilla Orchid Crystal EOS Lip Balm. She has already reviewed the Hibiscus Peach Crystal EOS, but this flavor is new to her. EOS actually sent her this one to review for them.

The Crystal EOS is made with shea, avocadooil, coconut oil and other oils. It is 100% wax free and vegan. Like all other EOS Lip Balms, the Vanilla Orchid Crystal one is 95% Organic and 100% Natural. The packaging itself is very pretty and elegant looking, and unlike the normal EOS Lip Balms, the Crystal one comes in a more triangualar shape instead of a perfect egg like sphere that the normal ones come in. She is very curious to see whether she likes the Vanilla Orchid or Hibiscus Peach more, beacuse she thinks Vanilla lip balms are hard to do correctly.

The lip balm itself is actually very pretty. It’s completely clear and is a light yellow color. It smells like straight up vanilla, and has the same consistency as the Hibiscus Peach. Once smelling it she says that weirdly enough it smells like vanilla and snowflakes, which is a strange comparison, but also very descriptive. It is a very light weight lip balm, just like the packaging promises. It’s very moisturizing without being greasy or oily. The Crystal EOS Lip Balms are definitely the way to go if you want a less greasy and light weight lip balm.

The texture is very different from the original EOS Lip Balm. The original EOS ones are very waxy, while the Crystal EOS ones are light weight. They both are very smooth, hydrating, and moisturizing. She gives the Vanilla Orchid EOS Lip Balm an 8.5 out of 10.

She loves the concept of all the EOS Lip Balms and thinks they are definitely worth trying.

Charter School Queen Betsy DeVos Is A Controversial Education Secretary

Betsy DeVos didn’t hold back when she said the federal government’s meddling in local education has to stop. Betsy said that when she was setting up a charter school program in her home state of Michigan. DeVos is a Prince by birth. Her father, Edgar Prince was a high-powered automobile parts billionaire, and her husband is the heir to the Amway fortune. In other words, Betsy DeVos is a billionaire who wants to change the education system, so it conforms to her vision of public education. That vision starts and ends with a for-profit charter public school system.



After the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, DeVos and President Trump got together and talked about using federal funds to arm teachers in public schools. That idea is still alive in the education department. Betsy also decided to narrow the education department’s view of discrimination, and how to treat sexual assaults on college campuses. Trump thinks DeVos is doing a fantastic job, but he is one of the few who thinks that way. Most people think DeVos is the worst education secretary ever. Her actions and her words reinforce that opinion in the minds of educators across the nation.



President Trump wants to combine the Labor and the Education Department, so DeVos may be the last education secretary, and she is on board with that proposal. Trying to understand why DeVos is tearing the old education system apart keeps educators and some lawmakers up at night. Betsy doesn’t have the skills or the disposition to reinvent the school system. But that’s not stopping her from cutting public school funding or claiming her education plan is the best plan for the country.



Despite the negative feedback, DeVos says she has years of experiencing helping students from low-income families attend better schools in Michigan. She and husband Dick donated millions to the charter school program in that state. And the couple claims their charter school system is working in terms of higher test scores and better school choices for poor families. Betsy told news reporter John Stossel she can’t force states to choose her charter school initiative, but she can encourage states to be more innovative.



But Betsy DeVos isn’t giving the states a lot of choices when it comes to being innovative. She wants states to follow her lead. She wants all states to throw out the old education model and bring big money into the education process.


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Federal Healthcare Officials Walk A Fine Line Due To Fast-Moving Healthcare Technology According To Healthcare Executive Drew Madden

Healthcare firms urge federal agencies and Congress to simplify as well as clarify several healthcare regulations all the time. Healthcare firms want frequent updates so the guidance in federal regulations keep up with the accelerated pace of healthcare technology. CVS and Amazon are two companies who want better regulations in two key areas.

The two key areas where healthcare executives, CVS, and Amazon say the current regulations and laws are hurting healthcare innovations. According to healthcare executive Drew Madden, a current Evergreen Healthcare partner and the former president of Nordic Consulting Partners, the key areas are the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval process, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The FDA approval process protects the security and privacy of patient data. And Madden thinks HIPAA regulations are too ambiguous. Madden also thinks there’s too much indecisiveness when it comes to identifying the types of healthcare software to regulate.

HIPAA hit the healthcare scene in 1996, and the last update in the HIPAA Omnibus Rule was in 2010. That update strengthened security and privacy as well as enforcement procedures. But the people who design healthcare apps say the update didn’t simplify technical language or policy. Instead of giving compliance instructions, the update only offers compliance recommendations. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sends healthcare app developers to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for data encryption recommendations, according to Madden.

Madden thinks HIPAA often hinders healthcare innovations. Madden says the data gets locked in, and developers can’t use it for data analytics. Mr. Madden also thinks patients should have easy access to their healthcare data. He also thinks patients should be able to determine who they want to share their data with.

But federal regulations tend to be disjointed, so federal officials walk a fine line when it comes to enforcing healthcare regulations. Mr. Drew Madden believes patient records should go where the patient goes without the red tape. That change will stop some of the unnecessary and expensive medical procedures that happen daily. He also said developing timely healthcare regulations is important to new healthcare app developers. New healthcare apps will make patient care an easier process, according to Madden.