The Hostile And Messy World Of Dating is Addressed By Whitney Wolfe

People don’t like to look at the dating world. Some people don’t even want to be in the dating world. However, they can’t help but look at it because of the mess that it has caused. One must wonder how something that is meant to be so fun and useful can turn out to be such a mess that breaks a lot of hearts. Also, there are a lot of people that are bitter towards the whole activity of dating. Therefore, whoever wants to show that dating can be really good has her work cut out for her.

Fortunately for Whitney Wolfe, dating is her passion. Therefore, she has decided to work on these disadvantages and build some kind of app that addresses them. This app is Bumble. Bumble has turned out to be a success among the users who have signed up for this app. People have found it easier to connect with one another with the Bumble app. They are taking their efforts away from the other dating apps that they have signed up with.

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Among the issues that Whitney Wolfe has seen in the dating world is that there have been a lot of issues that people had to deal with. Among the issues that people had to deal with include men putting their profile up just to be ignored. Then there are those who have sent messages out with no response. On the other hand, women have gotten tons of responses. Therefore, Whitney has put a limited on the male accounts. However, homosexual men can message one another at any time.

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Securus Continues To Innovate, Prevent Crimes

How do you prevent crime when you get a bunch of criminals together? Just think about that question. It is something that law enforcement officers continually ask themselves because prisons are essentially a collection of the area’s criminals. When you think about prisons that way, you won’t be so surprised to learn there is an abundance of crime within prisons.


The easiest example of crime in a prison is contraband. Prison is something that is supposed to be uncomfortable to serve as a deterrent. That means all luxuries of life are removed and you are left with the bare essentials. Luxuries and vice items, such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, are strictly prohibited from jails. But the prohibition of these items does not stop them from getting in.


Then there are more nefarious crimes. Prisoners will often construct makeshift weapons in order to perpetrate violence on other criminals. This can also put a prison guard’s life in danger. Unfortunately, preventing these crimes remains a difficult task. It turns out that prisoners are highly unlikely to tell on each other. It is a thieves code of honor that is rarely broken.


There is a telecommunications company that is helping to prevent crimes within prisons before they happen. Securus is a company that provides prisons with telephone and internet services. As the call provider, they record all calls into and out of a prison. These calls are stored in a giant digital database.


Securus then provides software that is capable of combing that entire database for one person’s voice. All the calls that person was involved with pop up for law enforcement to review. This can provide valuable information about crime taking place inside of a prison. In many cases, it can lead to crime prevention in a very difficult criminal environment.