Securus Technologies: Feedback from the Public

Securus Technologies recently asked their clients to send them a letter detailing how the company helped them with the security and communications concerns. They wanted to hear back from the inmates, prison authorities, and the people living in communities close to the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies never imagined that the people will be responding quickly, sending them different kinds of letters – a letter of thanks, a letter of appreciation, and a letter of commendation. Securus Technologies published these letters that they received from the public, highlighting how the company managed to impact the lives of those who are using their products and services.


One of the letters came from a prison jail guard. He highlighted how the products from Securus Technologies are helping the authorities to track down each prisoner. The devices from Securus Technologies has a built in locator, and with the help of the GPS technology, inmates who would try to escape the correctional facility holding the device from Securus Technologies can be tracked down. The prison jail guard also highlighted the importance of recording the calls of the inmates, and they stated that riots and other crimes inside the correctional facility can be prevented by listening to the calls made by the inmates.


People from the communities proximate to the correctional facilities are expressing their deepest gratitude to Securus Technologies for developing products that can protect them. The number of cases involving inmates who are trying to escape the facility to terrorize a community quickly went down to almost nonexistent cases as the correctional facilities upgraded using Securus Technologies software and devices. Prisoners, on the other hand, thanked the company for high quality communication services that they can use anytime to call their loved ones outside.


Securus Technologies is one of the key leaders in prison telecommunications industry. The company is headed by Rick Smith, and they have been innovating the industry since he took over in 2008.



Daniel Taub – article recap

These days, Daniel Taub is considered one of the most popular and successful Ambassadors of the State of Israel to the Court of St. James since Shlomo Argov was nearly assassinated. As Mr. Taub prepares to leave his post, he ends a career that has been extremely productive in restoring the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom, and his peers have widely expressed a similar sentiment stating that they are sad to see him leave. As of late, Mr. Taub has been enjoying his vacation and recently decided to have a Q&A session with Manchester City Fan, in which he discussed his feelings regarding his impending exit, as well as the progress he made during his term. Daniel Taub is often characterized has a prim person with a dislike for formality who is equipped with an unmatched wit that has endeared him to many.

Throughout his tenure, Mr. Taub has made a habit of not spending too much time focusing on the past, but when asked to look back at his career, he believes that overall, it was a resounding success. While he admits that, upon exiting, it is hard not to look back on his time and think of things that he could have improved upon, he leaves his post with relations between the two countries he represents in a much better place than they have previously been. For years, the United Kingdom has been plagued by antisemitism, and Mr. Taub decided to make it a part of his mission to defeat the problem through awareness. As the Ambassador to the Court of St. James, several information centers regarding Israel were set up in Scotland and Wales, and the existing information centers in Manchester were drastically improved upon.

Aside from never looking back, Mr. Taub also credited his ability to speak constructively with friends as well as foes, staying multidimensional, and keeping a strict reading regimen as keys to his overall success. When Mr. Taub was recently asked to lecture regarding the state of Israel in historic English literature, he had a wonderful time revisiting the classic novels that affected his life so much. His ability to remain multidimensional can be traced to his time growing up in the United Kingdom. Although he was born there, he decided to move to Israel while in his twenties. This move prompted him to gain a new appreciation of the world, in particular, his home country and was a major asset to building his beliefs in the policies that he helped to secure between both nations. Learn more:




Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University Brings the best Professional Artistic Talent

On Sep 9th, 2017, The School of Fashion at The Academy of Art University held it 21st runway showcase at Sky-high Clarkson Square. In this event, 10 recent graduates of Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees obtained at The Academy of Art University showcased their five women wear and two menswear collections. The graduates came from diverse backgrounds from China to Maine. All their hard work of designing, preparing and coordinating had to pay off in 15 min of runway time. They were able to do this with the confidence and know how that the Academy of Art University instilled in them.

The Academy of Art University is a private university that is accredited by six different organizations and offers online schooling since 2002. The university was founded in 1929, by Richard S. Stephens. Stephens believed that art could become a professional field. He also thought art should be taught by an artist. The school operates and owns its own automobile museum which carries about 200 vintage cars, some few and far in the world. The school also has a vibrant sports team named Urban Knights.

The Academy of Art University is an innovative and creative center that inspires talent. It is for those motivated in obtaining an undergraduate and graduate degree in the field of design, communication and the arts. It also offers certificate and portfolio development programs. It Maintains an all-inclusive policy and has a wide spectrum of disciplines in art and design.

The Academy of Art provides a trained approach to the study of Art and design, that inspires students to develop their own personal style, creativity, and flair. Has excellent trained and qualified staff who are committed to the students. The Academy of Art attracts an abundant cultural and academic talent from within the community. Offers a unique program that surpasses the expectation of students from around the world.

Malcolm CasSelle and what he does

Worldwide Asset eXchange is known as WAX, a decentralized network used for buying and selling in-game items. Its great because WAX will decrease the transaction costs that weren’t available before. The platform is made so that players can exchange items and creates a tokenization. This allows the buyer to keep ownership of their item. The end goal is to have physical assets they can use in the future. There is a big challenge, the system has to make sure that tokens on the block chain are connected to their respective assess. There are also other elements in WAX’s design that try to compensate for this.

To constantly make transactions, token holders need to regulate their transactions to authorize future actions. The exchange process is done with transfer agents that calculate ratings, supervise guilds and regulate the proof of stake algorithm. When transfer agents don’t do their job, the guild rating is effected and they are given less influence. Eventually if the agents don’t do their job, they won’t be re-elected to get their position. Its a really crazy concept and its something that can’t be done with physical assets. There’s no way you would be able to sell half of a DeLorean.

Malcolm CasSelle is an investor who attended Stanford University and is part of the Massachusetts Institution of Technology Alumni network. He is also a President, mentor, advisory, and founder of PCCW. He has also stressed the importance of bitcoin and the massive potential it has if people are will to dig into it.

He is most well known for founding the Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX. WAX has created a new trading environment for people who play games and want to make sure that their items are traded properly. The system has a lot of potential for how future assets should be handled.

Dick DeVos Philanthropic missions

The DeVos are a famous family ion the United States. Betsy and Dick DeVos are people who have been to senior positions of leadership in both the political and business circles. Betsy DeVos is the wife of businessman Dick DeVos. The family have been behind some of the most successful charities, philanthropies and nonprofit organizations. They are aligned as conservative founders of these initiatives. The conservatives initiatives that thy have founded are mainly in the field of Christian nonprofits and educational reforms in the country. Betsy and Dick DeVos have a foundation known as Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is a foundation that thy have used to give millions of dollars to various causes that they support. While the family is known to many people for their political engagements, they have another face of them that is dedicated to causes that matter to the society. They are known to many especially for political funding to the Republican Party. Dick has been a republican candidate for the position of the Michigan governor. The cornerstone of their giving is however is in support of the non-profit sector.



It is estimated that the DeVos have contributed over $1.3 billion towards the nonprofit causes. This is a huge amount of money. I can concur that the initiative that this family has taken in support of the society is incredibly great. Not many wealthy people take time to contribute to causes that are intended to change the society. The money they have contributed especially in the education sector have changed the lives of thousands of school going children. The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation is one of the biggest in the United States. It is ranked number 24 of the biggest givers in the country. The family foundation have been running for many years. The giving tradition is now being instilled in the two children in the family. They are being prepared to take the mantle of giving from their parents. The children have been contributing to a number of initiatives in the country.



The DeVos family is passionate about two things. There is their conservative political leaning and there is their Christian beliefs. This has been demonstrated by the size of monetary contributions that the group have contributed to these two causes. Some of the groups that have benefited from the contributions of the DeVos are the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. This is group that have received over $750000. The foundation have also been sponsoring the education of numerous students who are supportive of conservative views ion various colleges all over the United States.



Betsy DeVos have been particularly supportive of educational reforms in the country. He has been supporting two schools in Michigan. She contributes over $20000 very year to support the schools. Most of the money that is provided goes into support of education through scholarships. These are scholarship that are given to children from low income families. These are families that cannot afford to pay quality education for their children in good schools.



The DeVos family gives me hope as an American that the future if the country is safe with such kind of people who are dedicated to to helping others.


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