Securus Technologies: Feedback from the Public

Securus Technologies recently asked their clients to send them a letter detailing how the company helped them with the security and communications concerns. They wanted to hear back from the inmates, prison authorities, and the people living in communities close to the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies never imagined that the people will be responding quickly, sending them different kinds of letters – a letter of thanks, a letter of appreciation, and a letter of commendation. Securus Technologies published these letters that they received from the public, highlighting how the company managed to impact the lives of those who are using their products and services.


One of the letters came from a prison jail guard. He highlighted how the products from Securus Technologies are helping the authorities to track down each prisoner. The devices from Securus Technologies has a built in locator, and with the help of the GPS technology, inmates who would try to escape the correctional facility holding the device from Securus Technologies can be tracked down. The prison jail guard also highlighted the importance of recording the calls of the inmates, and they stated that riots and other crimes inside the correctional facility can be prevented by listening to the calls made by the inmates.


People from the communities proximate to the correctional facilities are expressing their deepest gratitude to Securus Technologies for developing products that can protect them. The number of cases involving inmates who are trying to escape the facility to terrorize a community quickly went down to almost nonexistent cases as the correctional facilities upgraded using Securus Technologies software and devices. Prisoners, on the other hand, thanked the company for high quality communication services that they can use anytime to call their loved ones outside.


Securus Technologies is one of the key leaders in prison telecommunications industry. The company is headed by Rick Smith, and they have been innovating the industry since he took over in 2008.



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