Bruno Fagali’s Lesson On Compliance

Raj Najir became the president of Ford, North America region on January 16, 2017. The 53-year-old held this position until a few weeks ago. The executive began working for the giant car manufacturer in 1987 as an engineer. He would then rise and become the chief technical officer. After some time, he was promoted and became the global director of product development in the company. It’s from this position that he rose to become the president of Ford in North America. During his time as the president, an anonymous tip was received by the communication department in the company. The compliance department conducted investigations that led to Raj Najir dismissal.

Ford released and published a statement that informed the media about his dismissal. The compliance department had found misconduct in Raj Najir activities which were in violation of the company’s code of conduct. The company’s published statement, however, did not give details that led to his dismissal. As Bruno Fagali puts it, such an open letter is an important fact that should embed into the minds of the compliance professionals and students. Such kind of confession is referred to as DOJ by the U.S authorities. As is of Bruno Fagali’s opinion, such a statement goes into reducing the damage done to the image of the institution in context.


The document brought to light something that many executives hardly do. The confession, although vague, Ford said that Raj regretted his actions as some didn’t comply with the company’s ethical codes. Lack of details in the document protects the unethical conduct done by the executive from getting to the public. The same company, in different contexts, went into a $2 million agreement with EEOC amid prosecution according to The agreement required the institution to publish an open letter. The letter bore the CEO’s signature but lacked express admission of the investigated cases. However, it said that measures would be taken to prevent such instances of misconduct in the future.

According to Bruno Fagali a Brazilian attorney, the above case leads to many conclusions related to the study of compliance. The first conclusion demonstrates that no employee is above compliance standards. The hierarchy shields no one. Second, an institution should protect social compliance as it prevents social injustices in the workplace.

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian attorney. He is the founder of FAGALI Advocacy. Bruno Fagali champions for corporate integrity and professionalism. With the rise of corruption in institutions, Bruno initiates actions that seek to rid the system of corruption and drive integrity.


3 Benefits of Knockout Options Explained by Jeremy Goldstein

Advising CEO, management teams and anyone else who want to know about knockout options is one only one of the things that Jeremy Goldstein is responsible for doing today. With his own law firm, he has the skills, experience and expertise to explain what companies can do to create and implement their own successful compensation plans for their employees. As of late, he is also currently concentrating on providing information online about the benefits of knockout options and why today’s companies can benefit greatly from changing their compensation strategies. Simply put, today’s company are changing a long standing traditional trend that companies all over the U.S. has offered in the past and it is changing to a new alternative called knockout stocks vs stock options.



Even though the traditional stock options have proven to be a good deal for those companies who wanted to retain their best talent and recruit the best coming in, some companies are now seeing a great need to make a transition from offering stock options to knockout options. While knockout options do relate to compensating employees with stock from the company, the concept behind it is quite different in administration and the amount that employees will have access to on top of the employee regular salary. It is for this reason many companies are gearing up to make this switch. For example, the most notable reason is it benefits the company financially to implement changes in their compensation programs. Having said that, here are 3 benefits that employers can expect if they are a transition from stock options to knockout options.



Easier to Understand and Explain the Program to Employees


According to Jeremy Goldstein, the new program is easier for employees to understand since it is a relatively simple concept. This is especially true when it comes to establishing who will get what. For instance, this type of compensation is designed to provide an added value that is the exact same or equivalent for everyone who participates. Jeremey Goldstein also says that it encourages employees to work harder for the overall success of their company. Specifically, because the work that they perform will boost the personal earnings of each employee when they make bigger profits.


Jeremy Goldstein and More confidence in the Company Compensation


In addition to the knockout options motivating employees to contribute more to the success of their company, Jeremy Goldstein also addresses the fact that there is also increase in confidence. This is because the company’s stock prices are based on a wide range of different factors. So, if the stock is taking a big dive and does not do well, it can affect the value of the stock that people hold. So, the older stock option programs are considered to be more volatile. Learn more:

Why Tony Petrello Commands Respect In America

Nabors Industries is one of the companies that have been doing so well in the United States. The company success can be attributed to the people who have been given leadership positions. These individuals have been working so hard so that the company moves ahead. Despite the high competition that is currently available in the energy market, Nabors Industries has proven that it is one of the best institutions. The person in charge of the large company is Tony Petrello.

While most prominent people in the United States grace our televisions every day, Tony Petrello is completely different. The businessman is considered to be a crucial figure that plays a critical role in the corporate world yet he does not enjoy a lot of popularity like similar individuals. The businessman prefers to live a very private life away from the public eye. There are professionals who envy the kind of success that Tony Petrello is enjoying. Some say that he does not deserve the amount of money he gets. However, the few who have met him in the past understand that Tony Petrello is an honest professional who has worked hard so that he can enjoy all the amount of success he has achieved.


Apart from being a top figure in the corporate world, Tony Petrello is an individual who has changed the lives of many parents in the United States and other parts of the world. The businessman has been spending his resources to make sure that children born prematurely get the kind of care they need so that they can enjoy life. The parents who need extra money to take care of their sick children born prematurely are very happy because of the help they have been getting from Tony.

Children are not the only beneficiaries of Tony Petrello’s philanthropy. Other personalities in the community have also received a lot of support from Tony and the Nabors Industries. Just recently, when most company employees were affected by a natural disaster named Hurricane Harvey, CEO Tony Petrello gave a lot of help. The businessman gave resources and human power so that the families affected could settle down and live great lives. When the disaster took place, many people could not access basic necessities such as food and water. Nabors Industries and other companies based in Dallas came out to help, and this made it win the hearts of many people in the community.

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The Story of Expansion Therapeutics: Scott Rocklage Paves the Path for Adult Muscular Dystrophy Cure

Scott Rocklage, Ph.D., founding investor of Expansion Therapeutics, is part of a drug development company among others that raised $55.3 million to treat genetic abnormalities. This benefits patients with myotonic dystrophy type I (DM1), the top cause of adult muscular dystrophy.

This genetic disorder disturbs entire families, and can grow worse and worse with each following generation.

Inside the cells, the organic molecules transformed from DNA which turn into protein, or RNA, are surmised to cause symptoms of DM1 when they reach levels the body deems as toxic.

Eventually this leads to whole-body disorders. Including, but not limited to: irregularities in the heart, muscles, gastrointestinal system, hormonal system, central nervous system and respiratory system.

Expansion Therapeutics is spearheading their involvement on “expansion repeat disorders” (genetic forms of illnesses without a cure). These disorders appear as short DNA portions duplicate. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

This includes DM1 along with 30 other small molecule medications they are focusing on. As more and more DNA repeats, it boosts RNA reproduction which accumulate and reach toxic amounts.

Research is performed at Matthew D. Disney’s lab. Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D.,Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures, stated that Dr. Disney is the main scientific researcher on the team. Everyone involved is delighted their work over the past 12 years has led them their current direction. They pledge never to stop until those with the direst needs are fulfilled.

Expansion Therapeutics have a goal to advance the field of small molecule drugs, and are eager to continue collaborating on medications for patients with sub-optimal treatments.

Beth Seidenberg, M.D., Partner of Kleiner Perkins, is thrilled to partner with Expansion and others to identify patient specific therapies, using science that can potentially treat diseases like DM1.

About Scott Rocklage

Scott became a Managing Partner for 5AM Venture in 2004, and with more than 20 years of strategic experience in healthcare and leadership roles, Dr. Rocklage has achieved approval for Omniscan™, Teslascan® and Cubicin® by the FDA.

Dr. Rocklage earned his B.S. in Chemistry from U.C. Berkeley, and his Ph.D. from MIT in Chemistry and currently serves as Board of Chairman for more than 10 different companies

The Potentials Opened Up By Madison Street Capital

Debt Reduction And A New Look Into The Future


Financial professionals have a special skill set developed at every level of financial identification. Debt is a class of finance that covers money loaned, by who and to whom. These pieces of information are important to Madison Street Capital. The American society continues its recovery from major debt and recession.


The revolution in finance we’ve experienced as a nation is a result of leading agencies in finance. Chicago, Ill., may not be close to New York City, yet Madison Street Capital shows Wall Street what potentials we have in eliminating debt. These reasons bring Madison Street Capital to win more recognition in the money market.



The Reputation Of Madison Street Capital


The Madison Street Capital reputation continues to grow based on the firm’s performance. What the agency is showing is a steady focus on the debt of its clients. The bank works with a high priority on advisory input and services. The agency is built around what it can inform the world of.


Madison Street Capital’s performance is based on a clear trajectory that decreases debt and increases net worth. There’s tremendous information on Wall Street, and getting through it can be a difficult task. You start with the leaders of the financial industry. You then take their knowledge and put it to the test.


Madison Street Capital has come out winning every year.



What An International Foundation Means


The true key to success for Madison Street Capital comes from its international ground. The international standing of this agency allowed it to access business that few Wall Street giants pursued. The open market made an open statement to the financial world. Madison Street Capital paved the way for international investing.


It’s now leading the U.S. nation as a debt-crisis professional. A consistent return on investments and the reduction in client debt is pushing the agency’s reputation forward. There’s a great deal to manage when paying down debt, and Madison Street Capital has the rewards to prove just how effective its liability reduction is.


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