Bruno Fagali’s Lesson On Compliance

Raj Najir became the president of Ford, North America region on January 16, 2017. The 53-year-old held this position until a few weeks ago. The executive began working for the giant car manufacturer in 1987 as an engineer. He would then rise and become the chief technical officer. After some time, he was promoted and became the global director of product development in the company. It’s from this position that he rose to become the president of Ford in North America. During his time as the president, an anonymous tip was received by the communication department in the company. The compliance department conducted investigations that led to Raj Najir dismissal.

Ford released and published a statement that informed the media about his dismissal. The compliance department had found misconduct in Raj Najir activities which were in violation of the company’s code of conduct. The company’s published statement, however, did not give details that led to his dismissal. As Bruno Fagali puts it, such an open letter is an important fact that should embed into the minds of the compliance professionals and students. Such kind of confession is referred to as DOJ by the U.S authorities. As is of Bruno Fagali’s opinion, such a statement goes into reducing the damage done to the image of the institution in context.


The document brought to light something that many executives hardly do. The confession, although vague, Ford said that Raj regretted his actions as some didn’t comply with the company’s ethical codes. Lack of details in the document protects the unethical conduct done by the executive from getting to the public. The same company, in different contexts, went into a $2 million agreement with EEOC amid prosecution according to The agreement required the institution to publish an open letter. The letter bore the CEO’s signature but lacked express admission of the investigated cases. However, it said that measures would be taken to prevent such instances of misconduct in the future.

According to Bruno Fagali a Brazilian attorney, the above case leads to many conclusions related to the study of compliance. The first conclusion demonstrates that no employee is above compliance standards. The hierarchy shields no one. Second, an institution should protect social compliance as it prevents social injustices in the workplace.

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian attorney. He is the founder of FAGALI Advocacy. Bruno Fagali champions for corporate integrity and professionalism. With the rise of corruption in institutions, Bruno initiates actions that seek to rid the system of corruption and drive integrity.


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