Mina Ebrahimi Left A Family Business To Start A Catering Company

There are some who stick with their family’s business all through their lives and who find success and fulfillment in doing that. Mina Ebrahimi is someone who chose to leave her family business behind when she felt that it was time to get started on her own. When she decided that she would like to start a catering business, she left behind the bakery business that her family had been running and she stepped out on her own. She started up Saint Germain Catering and grew it into something that is successful and that she is proud to show off.

Mina Ebrahimi serves the DC metro area with her catering business, and she has been around for multiple decades doing just that. She has been providing food to people for more than twenty years. She is grateful to her parents because they brought her to the United States and gave her an opportunity here. She is grateful for the time that she spent working at their business with them and all that she learned there. She was a part of her parents’ bakery since she was very young, and the years that she spent helping with the business prepared her for all that she does today.

There are people who would like to become like Mina Ebrahimi, who would like to start their own businesses and make it on their own. She would like to be a mentor to such people and to help them figure out what they need to be doing to make it. Mina Ebrahimi has taken on a mentoring role and she has helped those who are looking to get started in the business world. She has given back to the world by helping out those people who are in need of someone they can look up to.


Anthony Petrello Brings Philanthropy To Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is known for his role in the corporate sector as well as for his generosity. His brilliance as a corporate executive is one of the reasons why we are talking about him. He is among the corporate executives in the United States who have risen above the odds and become top executives when they were least expected.

Tony Petrello has taken up the role of the CEO of Nabors Industries and implemented it in such a manner that not many people would have expected. He has taken the company from a middle-level market business into a leading global firm which is doing very well when it comes to matters of implementing business activities.

Tony joined Nabors industries in 1991. Nabors Industries is an oil and gas drilling firm which has been doing very well in the industry in recent times. The growth that it has recorded has everything to do with the input of Tony Petrello. In the last one decade, many companies were recording significant losses which led even to collapse of others. While all this was happening, one company still stood strong and persevered the economic challenges. Nabors Industries benefitted from the brilliant leadership of Tony Petrello who cushioned it from the negative effects. The role of the management is significant in leading a business. It is the people leading a business who matter when it comes to performance.

Tony Petrello brilliance in running the company has seen it take over drilling operations in numerous places across the world. The company is currently running operations in 25 countries. He is currently expanding the operations to even more countries as part of his intention of making the company a multinational. Petrello is focused on productivity; he took up the role at Nabors Industries knowing well that he is going to lead a revolution that will see the whole drilling industry gain from his knowledge.

Apart from his role in business, Tony is leading a wave of philanthropic activities in Texas. Through his initiatives as well as those of the drilling company, he is focused on providing the less fortunate in the society. He has been sponsoring the development of a neurological research center in Texas which will cater for neurological disorders in Children. He has so far given $5 million to the development of the research center. As a corporate head, he led Nabors Industries in offering support to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Excels In Leadership And Management

The Impressive career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one major wander that most emerging leaders would like to understand. For starters, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the chief executive officer and has served in the same capacity since 2009. Consequently, it is critical to highlight his journey from the start to the current roles as the senior advisor.

Background Information

Carlos was born in Brazil. At a tender age, he developed some particular passion for business and after that, sought to join a college and graduate with physiology and then, later on, major in politics. Of course, being a dedicated student, he managed to pass with honors. That marked the beginning of recounting his success stories as Banco Bradesco poached him to serve in their junior department as the clerk.

A Sneak Peak

If you are wondering what Banco Bradesco is, then wonder no more. This is Brazil’s leading financial services institutions. It all began as a boutique firm established by the input of various like-minded financial services providers like Amador Aguiar and Brandao de Mello. The two have since held high ranking leadership positions and ensured that the bank is providing the right services for its clients.

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Nevertheless, change is inevitable, and at some point and time in life, everyone must experience this inevitability. Therefore, recently, Brandao de Mello announced his intention to step down immediately. When asked to give his reasons, he categorically stated that the bank needed a different pool of talent from within. He also added that he had served for decades and it was only fair for an old man (91 years) to take a break from the busy world of business and entrepreneurship. However, he did not just leave without appointing an immediate replacement because he understood that Banco Bradesco gets busy most of the time and his shoes must be filled.

The Observation

Brandao de Mello went ahead to appoint Luiz Carlos Trabuco to be the serving president while he was away. He also added that he would be watching and that the bank must insist on upholding the leadership docket within the organization; internal recruitment, it was. From that moment, the directors held several meetings to discuss various leaders and their intentions even while posing as some of the best leaders the bank has had.

The Outline

After a consensus, they agreed to settle on Octavio de Lazari Junior. Why? Perhaps you are wondering. For starters, like Luiz Carlos Trabuco, he became part of the bank in his vibrant years according to istoedinheiro.com.br. In fact, he only worked as a messenger at the office. However, that did not define his future because he consistently proved to the board of directors that he worth more by working hard and earning an elevation. As of now, he holds a seat that was considered worthy of some of the world’s best leaders in the industry of banking. For that reason, every entrepreneur who has a small beginning can be hopeful of a better life in the near future.

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