Anthony Petrello Brings Philanthropy To Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is known for his role in the corporate sector as well as for his generosity. His brilliance as a corporate executive is one of the reasons why we are talking about him. He is among the corporate executives in the United States who have risen above the odds and become top executives when they were least expected.

Tony Petrello has taken up the role of the CEO of Nabors Industries and implemented it in such a manner that not many people would have expected. He has taken the company from a middle-level market business into a leading global firm which is doing very well when it comes to matters of implementing business activities.

Tony joined Nabors industries in 1991. Nabors Industries is an oil and gas drilling firm which has been doing very well in the industry in recent times. The growth that it has recorded has everything to do with the input of Tony Petrello. In the last one decade, many companies were recording significant losses which led even to collapse of others. While all this was happening, one company still stood strong and persevered the economic challenges. Nabors Industries benefitted from the brilliant leadership of Tony Petrello who cushioned it from the negative effects. The role of the management is significant in leading a business. It is the people leading a business who matter when it comes to performance.

Tony Petrello brilliance in running the company has seen it take over drilling operations in numerous places across the world. The company is currently running operations in 25 countries. He is currently expanding the operations to even more countries as part of his intention of making the company a multinational. Petrello is focused on productivity; he took up the role at Nabors Industries knowing well that he is going to lead a revolution that will see the whole drilling industry gain from his knowledge.

Apart from his role in business, Tony is leading a wave of philanthropic activities in Texas. Through his initiatives as well as those of the drilling company, he is focused on providing the less fortunate in the society. He has been sponsoring the development of a neurological research center in Texas which will cater for neurological disorders in Children. He has so far given $5 million to the development of the research center. As a corporate head, he led Nabors Industries in offering support to victims of Hurricane Harvey.


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