Tangram Capital Partners Buys Lime Crime

Tangram Capital Partners has big plans for their latest addition to their company. Tangaram is a well known and established public equity firm that has a collection of retail brands specifically in the beauty niche. Tangram has created an extensive strategy to employ to take their most recent acquisition to the next level. This plan includes keeping the signature theme of fun and fantasy inspired cosmetics apart of the Lime Crime identity. The website that first launched the brand will continue to be the focus under the new leadership of Tangram. New partnerships are set to launch more products into the hands of consumers. Innovative formulas have been created to give the cosmetics brand a new spin. The product lineup will broaden underneath Tangram’s leadership.

Coming along with this new acquisition, will be new executives that are experienced in launching and rebranding retail brands. Tangram’s latest acquisition is a brand that really connects with the millennial customer. The messaging of this brand allows its customers to feel free and bold with the wild expression of colors. This brand sweeps away its customers to a universe full of magic and unicorns. With this acquisition, the branding and identity will not be lost. Empowering women and going against the grain will continue to be apart of this brand’s image.

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime. She launched the company back in 2008 as a small time beauty blogger. She was able to captivate people over the internet with her fierce makeup trends. She has turned this company into a lucrative part of the beauty industry. Under new leadership, she will still be heavily influencing the brand she founder. She will be so connected with customers she may even make a few social media appearances with fans.

Tangram Capital Partners is working to fit Lime Crime right in with his family of retail products. They are wanting to continue to spread the positive message behind the brand first created by Doe Deere. Consumers everywhere will be able to get their hands on these products and the new collections that are in the works.

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