Rocketship Education, Creating Leaders for Tomorrow

Students in Metro Nashville Public Schools are facing more and more challenges when it comes to adequate education. Most notably, the debate between proficiency and growth has left a lot of parents wondering if their child is being educated properly, and if not, why?

To help students establish a solid educational foundation, many Nashville public schools are using the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to track student progress. Unlike traditional methods of tracking students progress in school, the MAP is designed to focus on individual student growth, instead of simply proficiency.

While proficiency is important, it only tells a small part of a child’s educational achievement, namely if a student is performing at grade level during a specific time. By focusing on growth and not proficiency, parents and teachers can gain more insight into a student’s progress throughout the year as well as potential progress in the future.

While growth matters for all students, it is particularly important for students who are economically disadvantaged. Studies have indicated that students who face economic hardship are often left behind in school. To make matters worse, these students may never catch up and often drop out, never living up to their full human potential.

By measuring growth in students who have fallen behind, it is easier to track a student’s individual progress and focus on building strength in previously weak areas.

Rocketship Education, a California based non-profit network of public charter schools, champions MAP assessments for economically disadvantaged children. Rocketship uses a combination of teaching methods, classroom management strategies, and creative lesson plans, to help students close the education gap.

Students not only meet in group grade instruction, but they are also encouraged to participate in independent learning, small group tutoring, and adaptive online learning programs to learn, grow, and master their full potential.

Students progress is regularly tracked through MAP measuring their learning progress throughout the year instead of only at the end of the year. This way teachers are able to course correct struggling students ensuring that they understand concepts properly and can master most subjects.

Its Rocketship Education’s commitment to three pillars; personalized learning, talent development, and parent power, which makes this formula such a success. Serving over 15,000 students nationwide, Rocketship Education has become a leader and investor of low-income students and the potential they have. It is why Rocketship Education offer the best education to any student and continues to improve the world.