Mikhail Blagosklonnys’ Work and Advocacy for Rapamycin

Mikhail Blagosklonnys is a renowned professor of Oncology working with the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. In his career, he has specialized in studying Cancer and Aging, gaining vast knowledge and experience in the field. His journey in the Medical field began at The First Pavlov State University of St. Petersburg. He studied Internal Medicine. He later on, from the same institution, acquired a Ph. D and Experimental Medicine and Cardiology.

His career journey began in 2002 at the New York Medical College where he worked as an associate professor. From there he proceeded to the Ordway Research Institute where he worked as the senior scientist. In 2009, Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonnys joined the Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he served as an Oncology professor; a post he still holds today. He specialized in anti-aging, Biogerontology, cancer, and cancer therapies. Other than being a professor, Mikhail takes on several other roles. He is the associate editor of Cancer Biology and Therapy, editor-in-chief of Oncotarget and Cell Cycle and an editorial board member of Cell Death and Differentiation.

Mikhail published an article on Rejuvenating immunity. The publication talks about Rapamycin, and how it improves immunity today among aging humans. The drug works by improving the health of older adults while delaying the effects of aging. The drug became influential and significant in the medical scene back in 2006 when it was approved for clinical use. While many predictions on how Rapamycin will bring a revolution on the anti-aging therapy scene had been made, the use of the drug, up until December 2014, was prohibited for use by other scientists citing imaginary side effect.

View: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mikhail_Blagosklonny

In the article, however, Mikhail Blagosklonnys dives in further on aging and talks about the TOR-Model, its triumph, and the three main sources for the model. He further talks about the post-aging syndrome in the publication and how people will die in case aging will be abolished. He developed a hypothesis on the potential role of TOR in promoting aging and cancer.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the most passionate and vocal advocates for Rapamycin. Rapamycin is a popular drug used in cancer treatment. As per Mikhail, this is the perfect anti-aging extension treatment. His research includes clinical investigations and molecular and cellular biology, mainly including tumor suppressors, ontogenesis, signal transduction, apoptosis, anticancer therapeutics, selective protection, and mitosis.

The aging hyperfunction theory is yet another significant addition to his works. Also, he has written some work about cell cyclotherapy and chemotherapeutic engineering. His interest in Oncology is based on the belief that it is possible to actually control cancer and aging. He, also, stands with the belief that cancer can be cured. This is, actually, the reason he is a strong and vocal advocate for Rapamycin. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

The number of research articles that Mikhail has written amount to 300 where he has used more than 25,000 citations. He has, also, written book chapters and various reviews that are under his name. In fact, he is an associate editor of the International Journal of Cancer, the American Journal of Pathology and PLOS ONE. He is one of the most passionate people who care about humanity and who live and strive to promote a disease-free society.

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