Daniel Taub – article recap

These days, Daniel Taub is considered one of the most popular and successful Ambassadors of the State of Israel to the Court of St. James since Shlomo Argov was nearly assassinated. As Mr. Taub prepares to leave his post, he ends a career that has been extremely productive in restoring the relationship between Israel and the United Kingdom, and his peers have widely expressed a similar sentiment stating that they are sad to see him leave. As of late, Mr. Taub has been enjoying his vacation and recently decided to have a Q&A session with Manchester City Fan, in which he discussed his feelings regarding his impending exit, as well as the progress he made during his term. Daniel Taub is often characterized has a prim person with a dislike for formality who is equipped with an unmatched wit that has endeared him to many.

Throughout his tenure, Mr. Taub has made a habit of not spending too much time focusing on the past, but when asked to look back at his career, he believes that overall, it was a resounding success. While he admits that, upon exiting, it is hard not to look back on his time and think of things that he could have improved upon, he leaves his post with relations between the two countries he represents in a much better place than they have previously been. For years, the United Kingdom has been plagued by antisemitism, and Mr. Taub decided to make it a part of his mission to defeat the problem through awareness. As the Ambassador to the Court of St. James, several information centers regarding Israel were set up in Scotland and Wales, and the existing information centers in Manchester were drastically improved upon.

Aside from never looking back, Mr. Taub also credited his ability to speak constructively with friends as well as foes, staying multidimensional, and keeping a strict reading regimen as keys to his overall success. When Mr. Taub was recently asked to lecture regarding the state of Israel in historic English literature, he had a wonderful time revisiting the classic novels that affected his life so much. His ability to remain multidimensional can be traced to his time growing up in the United Kingdom. Although he was born there, he decided to move to Israel while in his twenties. This move prompted him to gain a new appreciation of the world, in particular, his home country and was a major asset to building his beliefs in the policies that he helped to secure between both nations. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/daniel-taub#/entity