Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Place in Orthopedic History

Orthopaedics is the branch of medicine concerned with correcting bone and muscle deformities. Man has always had a problem with broken bones. Ancient bones and fossils have been found showing fractures and the like in primitive man. Long prior to the medical art of orthopedics, ancient civilizations used hide and clay splints. During these agent time the famous architect, astrologer, politician, and physician Imhotep wrote a document about orthopedics that remains revered. Known as the Edwin Smith Papyrus, it describes such things as mandibular dislocations, spinal injuries, and fracture treatments.


Later on, in history, the Greek and Roman civilizations also contributed to knowledge in this area. The most important medical personality to appear in this time was Hippocrates who is still known as the father of medicine. It first starting taking wake as a medical movement after Nicolas Andry wrote about it in 1741. It has grown much in the many decades since with the most common orthopedic surgeries today concerning the knee and hips. Things really started to develop in the area during the 20th Century. The 1940s saw the first metal hip arthroplasty.


Today, one of the biggest movers in the Orthopedic arena is Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum. Kirschenbaum entered the field by first obtaining an undergraduate degree from Brown University, then he studied medicine at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, followed by a fellowship with Rothman Institute. He afterward attended Harvard Business School, gaining certificates in healthcare delivery management. A few years later Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum co-founded Medscape. He has since also co-founded several other medical organizations.

Visit The World of Harry Potter in Japan with Kim Dao!

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Richard Mishaan Design Innovates in New York

Every single year New York City gets to play host to some of the top designers around the globe. For the past 45 years these designers have been traveling to the Big Apple in order to show off their skills in a specially designed building. This year Charles Platt, a famous architecture, will be the canvas for their work. The townhouse is 35 feet wide with 10,000 square feet of space and is worth an estimated $27 million. This year the focus for these designers is on pushing the limits while teaching onlookers what NOT to do with their own home.


We’ll kick off our list by introducing you to Richard Mishaan of Richard Mishaan Design. Mr. Mishaan has been a designer for a long time and his work has always focused on the modern and sleek. His advice for home owners is to focus on allowing themselves to showcase some of their own personality. Mishaan loves to use layered fabrics in order to give his rooms personality. He advises people to be willing to show off their hidden trinkets — as long as it is tasteful and in a minimal manner. Don’t worry as much about ‘matching’ and instead focus on creating some personality in your room.


Our next designer is Kate Singer and she was the hand behind the garden family room within the townhouse. Singers advice is almost too simple: “Do a little research and know what you want.” When you start to decorate the inside of your home you don’t want to have to scrap all of your work and start over. Save time by doing it right the first way through. Billy Cotton, who worked on the bay room, echoed Singer’s sentiment though he made sure to compound it with more advise: “If you need a couch, buy a couch, but make sure it’s the best of those items.”


Designers like Richard Mishaan and the rest of the people we mentioned are transforming what it means to be tasteful, modern, and in style. Reading up on their advice can be a great way to wow your friends and innovate your living space.

Bruno Fagali: Selecting A Reputable Attorney In Brazilian

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