Visit The World of Harry Potter in Japan with Kim Dao!

Kim Dao is an Australian beauty and travel vlogger on YouTube who posts about her life in Japan, as well as makeup and fashion tips and reviews. She visits the world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan in her video USJ: Universal Studios JAPAN | Harry Potter ユニバーサルスタジオ ( This meticulously detailed theme park lets visitors explore magical locations straight out of the famous book and movie series. Hogwarts castle and the magical shops in the village of Hogsmeade can all be found here. Kim Dao and her friend Sunny start off at Olivander’s Wand Shop where they decide to pick up a pair of wands. Interactive technology and special effects let Kim Dao and Sunny use the wands to “cast spells” at different spots around the park and watch the magic unfold. At the Honeydukes candy shop, Kim Dao and Sunny check out the chocolate frogs, “every flavor” jelly beans and (nonalcoholic) butterbeer that Harry, Ron and Hermione enjoy onscreen. After seeing the animated moving portraits of Hogwarts castle, Kim Dao and Sunny head to the Three Broomsticks restaurant to enjoy a British feast of shepherd’s pie and a chicken and pork platter.  Live music and performances wrap up this fun adventure, and Kim Dao encourages viewers to visit travel planning site to plan their own visit to Japan.Learn more :

Richard Mishaan Design Innovates in New York

Every single year New York City gets to play host to some of the top designers around the globe. For the past 45 years these designers have been traveling to the Big Apple in order to show off their skills in a specially designed building. This year Charles Platt, a famous architecture, will be the canvas for their work. The townhouse is 35 feet wide with 10,000 square feet of space and is worth an estimated $27 million. This year the focus for these designers is on pushing the limits while teaching onlookers what NOT to do with their own home.


We’ll kick off our list by introducing you to Richard Mishaan of Richard Mishaan Design. Mr. Mishaan has been a designer for a long time and his work has always focused on the modern and sleek. His advice for home owners is to focus on allowing themselves to showcase some of their own personality. Mishaan loves to use layered fabrics in order to give his rooms personality. He advises people to be willing to show off their hidden trinkets — as long as it is tasteful and in a minimal manner. Don’t worry as much about ‘matching’ and instead focus on creating some personality in your room.


Our next designer is Kate Singer and she was the hand behind the garden family room within the townhouse. Singers advice is almost too simple: “Do a little research and know what you want.” When you start to decorate the inside of your home you don’t want to have to scrap all of your work and start over. Save time by doing it right the first way through. Billy Cotton, who worked on the bay room, echoed Singer’s sentiment though he made sure to compound it with more advise: “If you need a couch, buy a couch, but make sure it’s the best of those items.”


Designers like Richard Mishaan and the rest of the people we mentioned are transforming what it means to be tasteful, modern, and in style. Reading up on their advice can be a great way to wow your friends and innovate your living space.

MB2 Dental Offers The Best Dental Office Services

MB2 is a lovely dental practice services company that helps dentists across the country who do not have the time or resources to manage their offices. They are quite good at the patient care they offer, but they have a hard time offering the business services that are needed.

This article explains how someone may make their way to MB2 Dental to ensure that they have a better experience when offering clerical services to their customers.

#1: Insurance

There are many insurance claims to be closed every day, and the MB2 Dental office will help with every new insurance claim. The claims that are completed by their office will help clients find that they have their claims paid properly, and they will notice that their claims are handled much faster. The claims that are handled by the MB2 Dental office will help patients learn their responsibility in a few days, and the office will take this off the dentists to-do list.

#2: Hiring

The people that are hired for a dental office must be hired given a set of parameters that makes the most sense to the dentist. According to Crunchbase, the dentist may ask MB2 Dental to hire their new staff members, and the staff will have every opportunity to work at full capacity regardless of who leaves or retires. The staff may have someone hired in as short as a time as they need, and they may speak to MB2 Dental about the hiring process.

#3: Payroll

Payroll services that are offered by the office will help the staff receive their checks when they should, and they will have all their taxes and benefits taken out at once. It is much easier to have someone’s payroll done by the MB2 Dental office, and they will send all tax payments to the government.

They will go so far as ensuring that the staff will have their tax forms, and they will collect information that helps the office complete their yearly tax return.

There are several reasons to ask MB2 Dental to help with the dental office, and they will provide a number of management services that are quite needed. The people who work in the office will find it quite simple to use the services of the company when needed, and they will find that the company makes hiring, payroll and a number of other services much simpler to manage every day.

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How Securus Technologies is Providing Devices that progressively are Revolutionizing Crime Prevention in Incarceration Facilities and Public Safety

The crime prevention technological solutions that Securus Technologies is providing has significantly improved the safety situation in our prisons by availing a platform through which everything taking place in a facility can be monitored. We are happy about the vision your organization has for enhancing public safety, helping to make the surrounding in which we work secure, and preventing the proliferation of crimes involving inmate-on-inmate. In one correctional institution where I am attached, but which I dare not mention for reasons of protection of the innocent, we were able to monitor calls.

The management also became aware that some of the inmates have access to cellular devices which they use for carrying out money trade. After we had done a search, I discovered a network that diehard criminals employ for extortion, threatening others, and colluding with civilians to sell commissary items at discounts. Notably, we found a link to a previous incident in which there were gunshots by listening to calls between inmates. The conversation between a mother and two brothers will form a sound basis of evidence against the prisoners suspected of involvement in the shootings.

I would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to praise Securus Technologies for the leading role the organization is playing in assisting the investigation, prevention, and solving of crimes. Of particular importance to us is the covert feature embedded in your devices that alert us when something nasty is about to happen. By using it, we can haul suspect into custody even when investigations are in progress.

US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve has announced that it has redone the face of their online company. There are many improvements that are going to make the ease of use more friendly. With the new updates it is going to be a new experience for consumers.

With the new photography gallery it is going to showcase the coins that they have to offer. They have also revamped the pictures of the Vice President Philip Deihl.

The website is now fully interactive and will work across all operating platforms, making it easier for users to see all of the content. The system will now allow for interaction between consumers and staff to provide new information and allow communication.

The entire process was overseen by the Creative Director and Brand Vice President, Ryan Buchanan. He diligently kept watch over the process and added new applications and features that will allow for consumers to learn as they make their purchases.

The website allows for live and competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion and bars to be presented in real time. The US Money Reserve is now offering PCGS certified coins as well as their precious metals.

They have included a huge Knowledge base for consumers as well so that they are able to get up to date information on their coin minting, grading, and purchasing. This is called the Full headline Gold News Room and it provides all updates on the precious metals market for those dedicated purchasers.

The website also provides Client-Connect Advantage that will allow the connection between themselves and consumers for one on one consults. It will also provide offline special releases, any type of purchase assistance, as well as offline transactions for its customers.

The US Money Reserve also provides a BuyBack guarantee which allows for those purchases made within the last 30 days to be returned to be refunded fully for certified orders. They provide the current market value to the customer with ease. They are also offering fast shipping methods that are insured for your protection. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Founded in 2001, The US Money Reserve has quickly become the standard for precious metals. They are the largest private marketplace for precious metals and coins for legal tender products.

They have hundreds of thousands of consumers that are diversifying their assets in this manner. They have a highly trained team that is available to consult with when making your purchase so that you never leave uneducated with your purchase. They are located in Austin, Texas.

Bruno Fagali: Selecting A Reputable Attorney In Brazilian

If you are looking for a reliable attorney in Brazil, you need to contact Bruno Fagali for help. Bruno Fagali is a great attorney and has helped countless businesses and individuals resolve their complex legal matters.

Dealing with a conflict, dispute or getting involved in other legal battle can be frustrating and stressful, and you need a legal advisor that has a lot of experience in the field.

Bruno Fagali has many ways to address legal issues and has a high success rate in getting his clients’ cases resolved. Not only is Bruno Fagali a competent attorney, he is also a caring person who wants the best outcome for his clients.

Bruno Fagali has great expertise in Administrative Law, Ethics, Urban Law and Regulatory Law. Bruno Fagali helps businesses, corporations and establishments as well as individual clients, deal with their complex legal situations. His unique approach to handling disputes, regulatory law issues and other serious cases, has earned him a great reputation in the industry.

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The Hostile And Messy World Of Dating is Addressed By Whitney Wolfe

People don’t like to look at the dating world. Some people don’t even want to be in the dating world. However, they can’t help but look at it because of the mess that it has caused. One must wonder how something that is meant to be so fun and useful can turn out to be such a mess that breaks a lot of hearts. Also, there are a lot of people that are bitter towards the whole activity of dating. Therefore, whoever wants to show that dating can be really good has her work cut out for her.

Fortunately for Whitney Wolfe, dating is her passion. Therefore, she has decided to work on these disadvantages and build some kind of app that addresses them. This app is Bumble. Bumble has turned out to be a success among the users who have signed up for this app. People have found it easier to connect with one another with the Bumble app. They are taking their efforts away from the other dating apps that they have signed up with.

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Among the issues that Whitney Wolfe has seen in the dating world is that there have been a lot of issues that people had to deal with. Among the issues that people had to deal with include men putting their profile up just to be ignored. Then there are those who have sent messages out with no response. On the other hand, women have gotten tons of responses. Therefore, Whitney has put a limited on the male accounts. However, homosexual men can message one another at any time.

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Securus Continues To Innovate, Prevent Crimes

How do you prevent crime when you get a bunch of criminals together? Just think about that question. It is something that law enforcement officers continually ask themselves because prisons are essentially a collection of the area’s criminals. When you think about prisons that way, you won’t be so surprised to learn there is an abundance of crime within prisons.


The easiest example of crime in a prison is contraband. Prison is something that is supposed to be uncomfortable to serve as a deterrent. That means all luxuries of life are removed and you are left with the bare essentials. Luxuries and vice items, such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, are strictly prohibited from jails. But the prohibition of these items does not stop them from getting in.


Then there are more nefarious crimes. Prisoners will often construct makeshift weapons in order to perpetrate violence on other criminals. This can also put a prison guard’s life in danger. Unfortunately, preventing these crimes remains a difficult task. It turns out that prisoners are highly unlikely to tell on each other. It is a thieves code of honor that is rarely broken.


There is a telecommunications company that is helping to prevent crimes within prisons before they happen. Securus is a company that provides prisons with telephone and internet services. As the call provider, they record all calls into and out of a prison. These calls are stored in a giant digital database.


Securus then provides software that is capable of combing that entire database for one person’s voice. All the calls that person was involved with pop up for law enforcement to review. This can provide valuable information about crime taking place inside of a prison. In many cases, it can lead to crime prevention in a very difficult criminal environment.


NFL Betting Made Easier with Information from Covers

The NFL betting experience is greatly enhanced with betting online. Millions of people are watching the games each week. It is interesting to see how the multi-million dollar players are able to pull off victories during the week. The most interesting thing, however, is placing a bet on these teams and getting a payoff when you team has won. I use Covers to do this, and it has made it quite easy for me to win money online without ever leaving my home. I think that a lot of people have become fans of Covers because this website provides the real-time statistics that give people insight on everything that they need to make the most educated bets.

It is through Covers that I get to read stories on NFL teams. I can see how these teams are playing overall when I read the articles and I get the chance to discover how the players are performing. I don’t even have to watch the games to get this type of information. I can also see the NFL betting odds without even watching the games because all the stats are right here on this website. I am looking forward to betting on the 51st Super Bowl, and I am going to get on Covers to discover what team has the best odds of winning.

The good thing about using a website like Covers is that people will be able to check out scores from old games in the past. There are matchup games that have happened between certain teams in the past, and I use this data from the past to make bets on current games. I like the way that Covers has become this awesome website that keeps people from losing money that they don’t have to lose. There was a time when there was no way for football fans to make better bets. The information just wasn’t there. Today, however, the Internet has made it easy for people to compare scores from old matchups and make better decisions. Some people may place small bets in an office pool, but I actually place bets of at least $100 or more. That is why I need this information about the previous matchups for NFL teams. I couldn’t place any large bets with this type of confidence if I didn’t have the information that is available on Covers.

Doe Deere’s Incredible Success With Lime Crime

Doe Deere’s success story is like a modern-day fairy tale. She grew up in Russia where she entertained her ideas of fashion and makeup with her childhood friends. They would play pretend that involved applying thick layers of brightly colored makeup that sparked the imagination. She brought that love for makeup and fashion with her to the United States when she moved here at age nineteen. She incorporated her ideas into her everyday appearance and into her work in the music industry. She soon discovered that she loved to make makeup tutorial videos which she would post to Youtube.


She decided to open an Ebay store where she could sell her clothing designs. She needed a name for the store. That is when she created the name Lime Crime. She eventually began to make her own makeup because she was having a hard time finding the colorful makeup that she wanted to wear. Her products began selling very well and from that point forward Lime Crime began to grow by leaps and bounds. Pretty soon, Lime Crime had become a household name and was one of the first online based cosmetics companies to become a force in the makeup industry. They began to carve a path to success that had been unmatched in the world of online makeup sales.


She said that she stays very busy throughout the day but that it is what she loves to do. She is happy to have the opportunity to be able to do what she loves. Lime Crime is constantly coming out with incredible new products that their loyal fans can’t seem to get enough of. They currently have several different types of lip colors and eye color that have a deep and rich color that is meant to last all day. Some of their most popular colors to date are in the Velvatines collection which is a liquid lip color that transforms into a matte lip color that lasts for several hours.

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